Saturday, January 18, 2014

Do you still believe in True Love? Does it exist today?

I'm the type of person that nowadays still believes that true love does exist in this world. I still believe that someone out there can actually love you all your life. You see, in love it's not about loving someone or being loved by someone else, it's about loving and being loved by the same person. Maybe it is true that True Love has become harder to find but you can't possibly say that it is impossible to find. Most of us wish that one day we'll come across that person during the journey of our life but now of course we'll have many lovers during our life so how will you know which one is the right one?

The truth is, you don't find love, love finds you. If you dont find the right person for you now, that does not mean you never will, you just have to keep looking harder, have patience and never give up hope for in the end it is only hope that we have left.

True Love is not when you find a person cute, rich or funny. Love is not based on beauty or mere lifelessness luxuries such as money but rather those are a bonus in life. True Love is when you just get the feeling that the person you're with is simply right for you. That the person simply understands you, trusts you and your heart skips a beat when you see them. They make you smile and you feel happy when you're around them, feels as if the world is perfect like it's never going to end. You find them kind, sweet, and loving. You feel safe in their presence and just the sense of them just standing next to you, that will mean 

the world to you.

Knowing if you truly love someone it does not take days, weeks or months but even years sometimes. It is fairly true that some of you may think it's not worth it, to wait years to find the perfect person for you but ask yourself this question; would you rather spend the rest of your life going in and out of relationships?

Sooner or later you will know that the wait was worth it and now you can be happy because you finally found someone that truly appreciates you for who you really are, not perfect, and they wont even mind one bit. Well this was just my opinion on True Love that is.

In a way, love is like a dream, something so amazing, magical, something so beautiful. Makes you feel as if the world is perfect, like it's never going to end. - Mahmoud El Hallab

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