Sunday, June 2, 2013

Broken beaten bruised and battered.

Feelings come and go. People change and grow. Why am I still breathing though? Am I really alive or have I just lost my mind? Watching, wanting and waiting for my time to shine .Broken, beaten, bruised and battered. I'm getting to the point where it all doesn't even really matter. I'll wait but I'm not making it a promise. Because they don't mean a thing anymore. I got these feelings way too fast I know. Overwhelming me to the point of breaking. And yet again I know I'll be left alone here crying and shaking. Broken hearted and having to mend the new cuts and gashes. It's okay don't worry these memories will soon be turned into ashes. I just want you to know though. No matter your choice just hear me now That I'm still not going to understand how How I couldn't fight hard enough for this. Why am I so wrong and yet him so right. I wont leave you in the dark, I wont leave you alone and scared. I'll hold you and show you that there really are people who care. But I cant be standing in the dark alone while you have your time to shine. Because Im more than ready for my time to shine. So all I want is for you to be happy and make all the right choices. Listen to your heart and not all the other voices. It knows what you want even when you think its wrong. Now live your life and write your own love song.

I shed tears to days that are no more. Days when I could honestly say that everything in my life was going just the way it was supposed to be. Days when I actually woke up & went to sleep happy. Days when you weren't in my life. can't believe it happened, I tried to stop it but I couldn't. I finally broke, I have no fight left in me. I thought I could keep this all inside of me, all bottled up. I thought if I put it in the back of my mind it would all just go away in due time. I was wrong, keeping all these emotions inside just got too much to handle and now here I am, broken down and defenseless.  I'm in tears, I can't hold them back any longer. Tonight, tonight I'll cry. I'm going to let everything out, everything I've been keeping deep inside.


When I miss you the most, It's when you're not around. It's when I text you and you don't reply. It's the moment when sit there waiting for hours until you reply. It's when I miss you but you don't miss me.


 Why did you do this to me? I loved you with all I've got but I guess that wasn't enough for you. I tried my best to make you happy but you never cared for me at all. I'm tired of all your broken promises and always getting my hopes up. Now I'm left alone with all the tears and the memories. I hope your happy for what you did to me.

The moment when I can actually feel the pain in my chest from seeing or hearing something that breaks my heart.

I fell too deep and now I can't get out. I try to move on but somehow I'm still holding on. Everyone says I just have to let her go but it's not that easy, they don't understand. I need some sleep, its time to forget who she was once to me.



  1. "Days when you weren't in my life."

    you just got me there. that line.. its killing me.