Sunday, June 2, 2013

My First Love

I once knew a girl that meant the world to me, she was just amazing. She was that one girl in my life I would never get over maybe because she gave me some of the best memories in my life and I know I'll never forget them. But I guess love never lasts and now I would I give anything to go back to to the moment when I looked at her, she was looking at me and then she smiled... Everyday I wonder what could of been and what if I was still with her now. I always wonder how she is everyday since I last saw her... Years have gone by but on my mind she stayed.

Everyday I'm moving on a little, getting stronger but I know that I can never forget those moments I had with her because I think I would never have the same feeling towards someone else. But I can't keep dwelling on the past on what could've been. I can't keep hoping that someday she'll come back and we'll have our second chance. I can't keep holding on to someone that's gone. Someone that left.

I can only hope & wish her the best because she truly deserves it. Despite everything that happened, either good or bad, she'll always have a part of my heart but smaller than what she used to have. I don't know and probably never will know if she ever gives a thought about me. But that doesn't matter because there was a point in her life when she did and that's all that matters now to me.

Now and forever you're still gonna be in my heart. I promise I won't forget you but I can't promise I won't replace you because sooner or later I'll find someone like you. Someone that'll make me smile by just being by my side just like you used to be. Someone that'll make me laugh when I wanna cry. I'll find someone that'll care for me even more than I care for them.

Sooner or later I'll find that girl who would carve our initials in a tree. Who would sing our song to me when I was mad at her. Who would hold me when I was crying and promise to never let go.

                      Thank you for everything my love, forever you'll stay in my heart.

                                Dedicated to: Kimberly, the first girl I've ever loved.

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  1. wow i read it all :) anyways i thought her name was Karen , turned out it was : Kimberly >.<